a.WHAT we do

Programme and Project management lies in the centre of our activities. For almost 20 years we have been providing services related to preparation and management of donor-funded programmes and projects.

Knowledge of different procurement procedures allowed us to be involved in various undertakings ranging from small-scale studies and short term framework contract missions to large long term multi-component projects covering all parts of Project Cycle Management.

Project and programme management

Business plan development

Stakeholder and network coordination

Matching parties and fundraising

Policy studies

Feasibility studies

Sectoral analysis

Economic analysis

Studies and policy analyses are one of the main domains of the services we offer. Our studies are based on in-depth qualitative and quantitative research. To create value for our clients, our recommendations envisage concrete solutions.

In our work we apply different methods such as: desk study, semi-structured interviews, experts’ panels and focus groups, as well as quantitative research (online surveys, CATI and PAPI). By the method of triangulation, we receive substantiated results.

We provide independent impact and evaluation analysis in order to determine their relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. Our services include ex-ante, interim and ex-post evaluations as well as impact-based strategies and impact-based performance (ex-post).

Evaluation of policy measures

Project and programme evaluation

Economic and social impact assessment

Basing on our experience, we provide for our clients the customized services related to communication, outreach and organisation of events. Depending on the nature of the assignment – whether casual, formal or professional, we project different moods casting the tone of the communication or event’s nature.

Customized communication strategies

Organisation of events

Full visual identification

Communication campaigns

b.WHO we are

GREATVISORY is a group of people who share the same values of trust, hardworking, empathy, energy and new ideas. By the concept and services of GREATVISORY we offer our Clients innovative approach, self-motivation and uncompromising attitude.

All of us in GREATVISORY have proven track record of projects, studies and evaluations implemented all over the world for the public sector. Our clients included, among others, the European Commission, UN Agencies and National governmental bodies.


c.WHY we do that

d.HOW we do that

To be close to our ambition, means being close to our Clients. That is why we have established a network of GREATVISORS – people known for their technical skills in their respective countries. This network allows us to be prepared for any challenges related to services that we provide. Quick reaction to any request for services, call for proposals or subcontracting arrangement is something which differentiates us in the market.

Our GREATVISORS carefully analyse any possibilities for cooperation, review related documentation, and are not afraid to be assertive. If we are not able to provide the service at the highest level, we drop such an opportunity. Reputation is what we achieved thanks to years of hard work and will not risk to lose it easily.


Leaders in their subject – these people carefully analyse if we are able to implement requested services according to our standards.

GREATVISORS country coordinators

Well established in their countries, having local knowledge, possessing their own vast networks of cooperating experts – this allows us to quickly become familiar with any country’s socioeconomic and political situation.


Experts with whom we cooperate in provision of our services. For in-country studies they are usually selected by GREATVISORS country coordinators. For framework contracts and TA projects, they cooperate with GREATVISORS technical.

e.WHERE we work

Working in all types of donor funded interventions, we do not limit ourselves in terms of geographical coverage. However, we have our focal countries in order to be able to provide various studies and evaluations, as a main contractor or through subcontracting. We are mostly interested in EU, IPA and ENI countries.


GREATVISORY established in Poland




GREATVISORS EU countries coordinators


GREATVISORS IPA countries coordinators


GREATVISORS ENI and CA countries coordinators



Operating from Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

GREATVISORS EU countries coordinators

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Ireland.

GREATVISORS IPA countries coordinators

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo.

GREATVISORS ENI and CA countries coordinators

Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt / Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

f.WHEN we have news for you

author: greatvisory. 10 May 2024.
GREATVISORY analyses Work Based Learning systems
author: greatvisory. 12 March 2024.
Helping Albania prepare for the entry into the single market!
author: greatvisory. 20 February 2024.
Strategic Evaluations
author: greatvisory. 7 February 2024.
Starting challenging training initiative in Central Asia
author: greatvisory. 18 December 2023.
New forms of work and platform work reports from SEMED countries published
author: greatvisory. 29 September 2023.
Implementing a Technical Assistance project in Central Asia
author: greatvisory. 4 September 2023.
GREATVISORY awarded new framework contract for organisation of peer learning activities
author: greatvisory. 2 May 2023.
GREATVISORY will study new forms of work and platform work in the Central Asia region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)

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