7 February 2024by greatvisory

Starting challenging training initiative in Central Asia

We are thrilled to share that GREATVISORY together with partners from Bantani Education as project’s leader, kicked-off yesterday a new comprehensive training and peer learning project on introduction and piloting of the #SCAFFOLD Card Deck in Central Asia.

➡ SCAFFOLD is a tool, which consists of a deck of 102 cards, created to assist educators in designing, developing and implementing learning activities.
➡ SCAFFOLD makes European #competence frameworks more accessible and practically useful for teachers and educators throughout various fields.
➡ SCAFFOLD is based on European competence frameworks for #digital, #entrepreneurship, #sustainability, and #personal, social and learning-to-learn competences.
➡ SCAFFOLD cards offer a comprehensive approach to merge these competences in both formal and in-formal learning environment, showing how multiple learning outcomes can be integrated in the design of curricula, teaching methods, assessment strategies.

This new challenging project will support the #design, #implementation and #facilitation of on-line and face-to-face peer learning activities to promote the understanding and application of the key competences and EU-related frameworks for educators in Central Asia.

An intensive mix of number of on-line and face-to face interactions will be held, including:
♦ webinars and peer learning sessions and events
♦ regional face to face training workshops
♦ tailored trainings
♦ coaching and e-learning sessions
♦ peer learning events and meet-up sessions

✨ 102 educators from #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, #Uzbekistan, #Tajikistan and #Turkmenistan will be trained by #GV and #Bantani to understand the SCAFFOLD’s rationale, relevance and application. They will get knowledge and be equipped in practical skills on how SCAFFOLD can be directly applied to teaching and learning experience across different educational settings.

✨ To support the enlargement of the SCAFFOLD impact in Central Asia and encourage #educators to start using SCAFFOLD cards in their teaching practice on an individual or team/school basis and share their experiences and specific teaching approaches, a coaching sessions for pilot schools in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will be conducted.

✨ SCAFFOLD competition for educators from the whole Central Asia region will be a cherry on top and its results (in different categories) will be announced in final peer learning event in April 2025.

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