2 May 2023by greatvisory

GREATVISORY will study new forms of work and platform work in the Central Asia region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)

Under the leadership of PPMI, GREATVISORY was appointed to analyse new forms of work and platform work possibilities in Central Asia countries. In the study which started in April, we will be responsible for all 4 countries covered by the assignment.

The Central Asian countries (CA1) have witnessed a gradual increase in online based employment opportunities, though the level of these developments is uneven between the different countries. New forms of employment with labour on demand approach are becoming widespread, affecting young people and, in particular, new entrants on the labour market. The trend is also enhanced by overall low market stability and new economic models, which use internet global networks as their prime environment and arise in parallel to traditional sectors, in particular services.

However, beyond inherent volatility of contractual relationships in a highly dynamic environment, new forms of work are increasingly becoming an important source of employment opportunities, income, a place to use and develop skills, and a chance to harness entrepreneurial potential. Most importantly, online work has become, to some extent, an alternative to migration.

In this context, the ETF seeks to update and consolidate the knowledge on recent labour market developments with focus on new forms of work in the region and shed light on key implications for employment and skills development policies, also to feed into the above EU.

GREATVISORY and PPMI will do their best to analyse and answer those needs.

The study will last till April 2024.